Hiring or Buying Cherry Pickers

Invaluable Tips When Hiring or Buying Cherry Pickers

Cherry pickers are an integral part of most industries today. From construction, telecommunications to cable services, this piece of equipment comes in handy when your workers need to work in inaccessible areas. If for instance, you provide electrical services/sakselift, you will have to handle elevated maintenance work where ladders might not be ideal.

Cherry pickers: Safe and Effecting Working Platforms

Ladders are ineffective in most situations and they don’t provide the best working position. Where tools are required for a maintenance project, your workers need a platform to operate on. Cherry pickers are constructed using a sturdy steel construction system that guarantees safety of your workers. Simply put, this piece of equipment enhances productivity of your teams and better customer satisfaction.

How to Buy Cherry Pickers

Now that you appreciate the need for an efficiently working cherry picker for your operations, it is time to assess some of the options available in the market. Remember that your needs determine the type of elevated platform to choose from. What’s more, consider the brand you buy by first reading reviews on different cherry pickers.

Cherry Pickers to Choose from

Here are some lifts you will find in the market:

1. Articulated Boom Lifts: These are the most flexible lifts(liftutleie) in the market and they are ideal for ‘hard to reach’ areas. If your workers regularly encounter barriers when doing their job, this multi-section lift is perfect in maneuvering such barriers. It also allows both vertical and horizontal access. The articulated boom lift guarantees a higher load capacity and the best positioning for your workers to get the work done. These cherry pickers can go up to 43 meters and they are perfect for rugged terrains.

2. Scissor lift: If you are looking for a wide working and elevated platform, the scissor lift is perfect for you. They are competitively priced and are an alternative to boom lifts/Kurs. This lift provides a good narrow access capability and their larger load capacity makes them perfect for workers using heavy equipment. They are popular in construction industries.

3. Vertical lift: If you have small applications, this is the best choice. It is a portable lift that is ideal to lift workers in light commercial applications. They can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications including inventory management in large stores, light repair works and general maintenance.

You can choose from among diesel, electric, hybrid or petrol powered lifts depending on your applications. There are push-around and self-propelled cherry pickers and vehicle-mounted lifts to choose from. If you want to enhance operations in your company, start comparing the different products in the market.